Skinless (2014, DVD Review)

Skinless DVDaka The Ballad of Skinless Pete

Director: Dustin Mills

Cast: Brandon Salkil, Erin R. Ryan, Allison Egan, Dave Parker

Whacked Movies / All Region / Unrated / 2.35:1 widescreen / 2.0 Stereo / 80 minutes

Extras: Commentary / Production Diaries featuring director’s SFX secrets



Genius scientist Dr. Peter Peele (Brandon Salkil) lives with his longtime best friend and unreciprocated love Dr. Alice Cross (Erin R. Ryan) and the two are working on a cure for The Big C, cancer. When Pete isn’t fucking his sexy girlfriend Olivia (Allison Egan) in the basement, which also doubles as the laboratory, he’s discovering a critter from a river in Borneo called the “Phagia Worm” that eats the flesh of cancer victims. So the two come up with a plan to create an enzyme from the worm that will only eat away the cancer cells and leave the healthy ones, thereby creating a cure for the most hated disease. To do this, they need money so they ask their investor Neil (Dave Parker) for the extra dough, wherein he promptly declines due to his initial investment showing no returns. Continue reading

Raw Force (1982, Blu-ray Review)

Raw Force, Blu-rayDirector: Edward D. Murphy

Cast: Vic Diaz, Cameron Mitchell, Hope Holliday

Vinegar Syndrome / All Region / Unrated / 1.85:1 widescreen / DTS-HD mono / 86 minutes

Extras: Video Featurette: DESTINATION: WARRIORS ISLAND (The Making Of Raw Force) / Audio Interview With Finishing Editor Jim Wynorski / Original Theatrical Trailer



“One Blow! The Deathblow!”

RAW FORCE! RAW FORCE! RAW FORCE! That’s what I picture happening in the Times Square theaters in the ’80s during the Raw Force aka Kung Fu Cannibals showings. Wild chants, hoots and hollers, high-fiving and maybe even some random flashing of the tits. Yeah, Raw Fucking Force (I added that middle part even though I think it should posthumously be added now) is that great. Just look at the alternate title; Kung Fu Cannibals. Kung Fu, plus goddamned Cannibals! Not to mention that it could actually be entitled Zombie Kung Fu Cannibals Who Eat Hot Naked Filipino Chicks! I shit you not, this is one of the most bonkers genre mash-ups I have ever seen. Continue reading

Scrapbook (1999, DVD Review) 15th Anniversary Edition

Scrapbook DVDDirector: Eric Stanze

Cast: Emily Haack, Tommy Biondo

Wicked Pixel / All Region / Unrated / 1.33:1 fullscreen / Dolby Digital stereo / 95 minutes

Extras: 15 Year Anniversary Commentary Track with director Eric Stanze, actress Emily Haack, and producer Jeremy Wallace – recorded August 2014 / The Making Of SCRAPBOOK Documentary / Featurette: Scrapbook Close Up / Featurette: Shower Cam / Stills Montage / Deleted Scene / HOWARD – an experimental short film by Tommy Biondo / Preview Trailers



Opening credits roll slowly from bottom to top over a black screen with audio of a woman screaming and panicking. Credits end and the woman sees that she is in the back of a van with a female disemboweled body that is being dragged out by a man. Flashback to a young boy who peeks in on his much older sister who is naked and when she catches him, it turns her on and she molests him. As she does so, a man (possibly her boyfriend or maybe father?) walks in, becomes enraged at the boy and proceeds to rape him. This little boy’s name is Leonard and he is the future kidnapper of Clara, the woman we find in the back of the van in the opening credits. Continue reading

Shock Waves (1977, Blu-ray Review)

Shock Waves Blu-rayDirector: Ken Wiederhorn

Cast: John Carradine, Peter Cushing, Brooke Adams, Luke Halpin

Blue Underground / All Region / Unrated / 1.85:1 widescreen / Dolby Digital mono / 85 minutes

Extras: Audio Commentary with Co-Writer/Director Ken Wiederhorn, Make-Up Designer Alan Ormsby and Filmmaker Fred Olen Ray / Nazi Zombies On A Budget: Interview with Producer/Cinematographer Reuben Trane / Notes For The Undead: Interview with Composer Richard Einhorn / Sole Survivor: Interview with Star Brooke Adams / From Flipper to Shock Waves: Interview with Star Luke Halpin / Theatrical Trailer / TV Spot / Radio Spots / Poster & Still Gallery



If you are into zombie movies, you are probably in one of two camps; the American, genre pioneering, sociopolitical George Romero camp or the dreamlike, nonsensical, outrageousness of Lucio Fulci and the Italians. Some may be versatile enough to appreciate both styles, but they are opposite approaches to the same theme and can create rifts. Of course there are films that fall somewhere in between, like Ken Wiederhorn’s (Return of the Living Dead II) bloodless but nonetheless creepy Shock Waves. It takes the straight ahead storytelling of the Americans and the dreamlike atmosphere of the Italians and blends it all together for an undead good time. Continue reading

Evils of the Night (1985, DVD Review)

Evils of the Night DVDDirector: Mardi Rustam

Cast: Aldo Ray, Neville Brand, John Carradine, Julie Newmar, Tina Louise

Gorgon Video / Region 1 / Rated R / 1.78:1 widescreen / Dolby Digital 2.0 / 85 minutes

Extras: Outtakes / Trailer



Evils of the Night opens up with the landing of an alien spacecraft in the forest of a rural college town. Cut to two separate boy/girl teen couples making out and fucking in those woods. Suddenly they are attacked by an unknown assailant; some die and some are kidnapped and taken to a hospital that has been taken over by the aliens. The space visitors are here because they need teen blood in order to ensure longer lives for themselves, but they’ve made two terrible mistakes; hiring two dimwitted mechanics to kidnap their prey and coming to the town on summer vacation when most of the students have left town; and the aliens are on a timetable. Will they get their required teen blood before the mothership returns or will the teens fuck themselves silly first? Continue reading