Jorg Buttgereit’s NEKRomantik 2 coming to Blu-ray

Nekromantik 2 Blu-rayYou read the article title correctly, German underground filmmaker Jorg Buttergeit’s follow-up to the classic NEKRomantik is coming to high-definition Blu-ray courtesy of the good people at Cult Epics February 10, 2015! Cult Epics has already proven that they can deliver the HD goods on these sleazy no-budget films when they released the original NEKRomantik on Blu-ray in October of this year. Now they are ready to unleash The Return of the Loving Dead uncut and uncensored with a new transfer taken from the original 16mm negative, complete with extras like the movie soundtrack, a “making of” featurette and a new short film and music video directed by Jorg Buttergeit!

The first 5000 copies of the Blu-ray will include original collectible new artwork of NEKRomantik 2 by Johnny Ryan & Nekrophilia gore photos of star Monika M. So pre-order your copy HERE to be sure you get all of the awesome goodies! There will also be DVDs available for those so inclined and the first 2000 of those will include the limited edition treats. Check out the technical info below… Continue reading

Christmas Evil (1980, Blu-ray Review)

Christmas Evil Blu-rayaka You Better Watch Out

Director: Lewis Jackson

Cast: Brandon Maggart, Dianne Hull, Jeffrey DeMunne

Vinegar Syndrome / All Region / Unrated / 1.85:1 widescreen / DTS-HD master audio mono / 94 minutes

Extras: Commentary track with Lewis Jackson / Commentary track with Lewis Jackson & Brandon Maggart / Commentary track with Lewis Jackson & John Waters / Archival video interviews with Lewis Jackson & Brandon Maggart / Original theatrical trailer / Deleted scenes & screen tests / Storyboards & comment cards gallery



Little Harry, his brother and mother are sitting on the stairs, surreptitiously watching Santa come down the chimney, consume some cookies and milk and finally deliver some presents. The boys are tucked away in bed when Harry decides to get up and check downstairs again. To his horrific surprise, he finds “Santa” making out with mommy. Jump ahead 40 years and Harry has an unhealthy affinity for Christmas (natch), so much so that he works at a toy factory, where he just got a promotion to supervisor, no longer working the assembly line. You get the feeling that Harry isn’t really in complete harmony with reality as he does things that make you think that maybe he believes he’s actually Santa Claus. Continue reading

Bruno Mattei cannibal madness double-feature

In the Land of Cannibals DVDDirector: Bruno Mattei

Cast: Claudio Morales and Cindy Matic

Intervision Picture Corp. / Not Rated / Region 1 / Full Frame (1.33:1/4:3) / 90 minutes

Disc Extras: Theatrical Trailer





Mondo Cannibal DVDDirector Bruno Mattei

Cast: Claudio Morales and Cindy Matic

Intervision Picture Corp. / Not Rated / Region 1 / Full Frame (1.33:1/4:3) / 91 minutes

Disc Extras: Theatrical Trailer



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An Angel to Some, A Demon to Others: Clive Barker

Clive Barker

Amongst the cinematic horror icons of the past few decades, it’s not surprising to hear names such as “Freddy Krueger,” “Michael Myers,” “Jason Voorhees” and even the chainsaw-wielding inbred we’ve come to know as “Leatherface.” And while each of these characters have cemented their places in slasher film history – boasting accompanying franchises that spawned, in some cases, numerous sequels across a myriad of studios – there is one scream-inducing legend that’s often overlooked amidst the razor glove-and-machete crowd. From the mind of filmmaker/author/illustrator/eccentric Clive Barker came the demonic presence known as “Pinhead” in Hellraiser, a character who, like his namesake suggests, is burdened with wearing dozens of needle-like objects “pinned” to his ghoulish face. But whether or not one likes the Hellraiser films, Barker was on to something, beating his own path to distinguish himself from contemporary filmmakers like Wes Craven and John Carpenter. Continue reading

Collar (2014, DVD Review)

Collar DVDDirector: Ryan Nicholson

Cast: Nick Principe, Aidan Dee, Momona Komagata, Mihola Terzic, Ronald Patrick Thompson

Unearthed Films / Region 1 / Unrated / 1.85:1 widescreen / 2.0 stereo / 77 minutes

Extras: Stills gallery / Trailers



If you know the works of Canadian underground horror filmmaker Ryan Nicholson, you know what to expect from his movies; gore, sleaze and more gore and maybe a little more sleaze. He is unrepentant in his vision quest to make the most vile and slimy cinema ever to rape your eyeballs. With plots that revolve around themes like hand torch rape/revenge (Torched, 2004), a killer with a bowling bag on his head (Gutterballs, 2008) and a botched abortion-created killer (Hanger, 2009), Nicholson and his production company Plotdigger Films have put out some of the most ludicrous, offensive and gory movies on the market, underground or not. Now Plotdigger has teamed with Stephen Biro’s Unearthed Films to bring you their latest filth-encrusted creation Collar to DVD. Continue reading