Found (2012, DVD Review)

Found DVDDirector: Scott Schirmer

Cast: Gavin Brown, Ethan Philbeck, Phyllis Munro, Louie Lawless, Alex Kogin, Shane Beasley

XLrator Media / Region 1 / Unrated / 2.40:1 widescreen / Dolby Digital stereo / 103 minutes

Extras: Full, uncut version of “Headless” / Full, uncut version of “Deep Dwellers” / Commentary with director Scott Schirmer and author Todd Rigney



A year or so ago there was a DVD movie that was highly sought after and greatly prized in the collecting community. It was going for quite a bit of money and everyone who could procure one seemed intensely happy with their purchase. That movie was Scott Schirmer’s Found, a film that I had never heard of up to that point. The scuttlebutt was that Found was one of those special films that bring something different and chilling to an over-saturated and stale indie horror genre. That rare DVD was distributed independently but now, a year later, XLrator Media has picked up Schirmer’s movie to open it up to a wider audience who will, no doubt, clamber to see and own this modern horror classic. Continue reading

Varsity Blood (2014, DVD Review)

Varsity Blood DVDDirector: Jake Helgren

Cast: : Lexi Giovagnoli, Wesley Scott, Debbie Rochon, Natalie Peyton, Blair Jackson

Image Entertainment / Region 1 / Unrated / Widescreen 1.78:1 / English Dolby Digital 5.1 / 87 minutes

Extras: None



This is one of those situations where I’m kind of sad the slasher genre isn’t dead. Many fans have given their final eulogies and buried hack and stab fare for good. When it comes to films like Varsity Blood, I’d probably be the first to show up to the cemetery and throw a shovel full of dirt over our beloved genre’s coffin. Where to start with Varsity Blood? The cover is very deceptive. I was hoping we’d see a stack of dumb jocks impaled on something very sharp. That would be worth the cover price alone. Well, we don’t. Continue reading

Prom Night (1980, Blu-ray Review)

Prom Night Blu-rayDirector: Paul Lynch

Cast: Leslie Nielsen, Jamie Lee Curtis, Casey Stevens

Synapse Films / Region A / Rated R / 1.78:1 widescreen / DTS-HD English 5.1 and the original 2.0 mono / 93 minutes

Extras: Audio Commentary With Director Paul Lynch And Screenwriter William Gray / THE HORRORS OF HAMILTON HIGH: The Making Of Prom Night Featurette / Collection Of Additional Scenes Added For Television Broadcast / Never-Before-Seen Outtakes From Prom Night [Exclusive to Blu-ray] / Motion Still Gallery [Exclusive To Blu-ray] / Original Theatrical Trailer & Television Spots



Canadian horror films really got some legs with filmmaker Bob Clark in the mid-1970s. His films Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things (1973), Deathdream (1974) and especially Black Christmas (1974) are regarded as classic horror and the latter is an iconic slasher flick beloved by most horror fans. The early ’80s would bring in more Canadian hack and slash fare with classics like The Burning, Happy Birthday to Me, My Bloody Valentine and two films starring Jamie Lee Curtis, who was a couple of years famous from her role in John Carpenter’s Halloween; Terror Train and the more well-known Prom Night. Continue reading

Hell of the Living Dead / Rats (Blu-ray Double Feature)

Hell of the Living Dead / Rats: Night of Terror Blu-rayDirector: Bruno Mattei

Casts: (Hell) Margit Evelyn Newton, Franco Garofalo, Selan Karay / (Rats) Ottaviano Dell’Acqua, Geretta Geretta, Massimo Vanni

Blue Underground / All Region / Unrated / 1.85:1 widescreen / DTS-HD mono / (Hell) 99 minutes, (Rats) 97 minutes

Extras: “Bonded By Blood” – Interviews with Co-Writer/Co-Director Claudio Fragasso and Stars Margit Evelyn Newton, Franco Garofalo, Ottaviano DellAcqua & Massimo Vanni / “Hell Rats Of The Living Dead” – Interview with Director Bruno Mattei / Theatrical Trailers / Poster & Still Galleries

BUY FROM AMAZON Continue reading

Tinto Brass: Maestro of Erotic Cinema (Blu-ray Box Set)

Tinto Brass: Maestro Of Erotica Cinema Blu-ray Box SetIn case you are not familiar with the awesome that is Italian filmmaker Tinto Brass, here is a crash course; he loves female asses. No really, the man is obsessed with plump, juicy derrières and never passes up a chance to zoom in on one or thirty. His films showcase the soft, round gluteus maximus with a hefty helping of bottom-heavy close-ups and gorgeous use of light and shadow to accentuate those qualities. Besides his love of the feminine behind, he is probably best known for his gorgeously grotesque nazisploitation film Salon Kitty and for the principal photography for Gore Vidal’s Caligula. The 81-year-old director made his first movie, Chi lavora è perduto (Who Works is Lost) in 1963 but honed his skills working with film greats like Federico Fellini (La Dolce Vita) whom he idolized.

A few years ago home video company Cult Epics began rereleasing some of Brass’ most popular films on DVD and ultimately put them together as boxed sets in three separate volumes. Their next step was to hand-pick two of those titles (Private and Cheeky!) and remaster them in HD for Blu-ray release along with Monamour and later Black Angel. Now Cult Epics has stepped up and put together a stellar Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Box set of those four wonderfully erotic movies along with some fantastic supplemental material. The 40-page booklet that accompanies the set is, by itself, a wealth of Tinto Brass information with an introduction by Cult Epics owner Nico B, an in-depth interview with Brass, breaking it down by movie and finally a filmography with all of the pertinent information for each. Continue reading