Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sylvia is A Saint, A Woman and A Devil

Director: Peter Savage

Cast: Joanna Fields, Pam Serpe, Jenny Shawn, Heather Nicholson, Marco Ricotta, Peter Petrella, Jr., Martin Stevens, Ginger James

Vinegar Syndrome / All Regions / Rated XXX and R / 1:85:1 widescreen / 108 and 89 minutes

EXTRAS: Alternate cut of movie


Italian born actor, writer and director Peter Savage (real name, Francesco "Pete" Petrella) was raised in the crime-ridden Bronx during the Great Depression. He met young thug Jake Lamotta and the two became inseparable, taking up boxing in the local gym and ultimately writing Jake's biopic screenplay to Martin Scorcese's classic Raging Bull in 1980. Prior to writing that legendary script, he and LaMotta would collaborate on other "legit" films like WWII-era gangster films The Runaways (1965) and Cauliflower Cupids (1970). Around that same time Savage would make some adult films under pseudonyms like "A. 'Nutty' Savage" and "Armand Peters". "Armand" wrote, directed and acted in the perfect New York grindhouse movie A Saint, A Woman, A Devil in 1976, a film that would later have the hardcore sex scenes edited out and be released and retitled as simply Sylvia.

Friday, March 14, 2014

ROT is Punk Rock Gore to the Max

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Director: Marcus Koch

Cast: Billy Scam, Tiffany Stinky, Joel D. Wynkoop

Cult Movie Mania / Unrated / Region 1 / 4:3 fullscreen / Mono / 80 minutes

Extras: New Behind the Scenes Video / Original Behind the Scenes Video / New Audio Commentary w/ Marcus Koch and Joel D. Wynkoop / Original Audio Commentary with Marcus Koch and Billly $cam / Marcus Koch: The Herb Kowalski Interview / The Goriest Minute: ROT Episode / Trailers


In 1997 at the ripe old age of 18 punk rock kid Marcus Koch (pronounced "Cook" to you nicht-Deutsch-lautsprecher) set out with his buds to make a horror flick. He wanted to do something shocking. Something totally fucking punk rawk. So he picked up his video recorder and did just that, but what sort of appalling, unseemly movie did he want to make? About 10 years earlier German underground filmmaker Jorg Buttgereit made a terribly shocking movie about corpse fucking and that seems to be where Koch started, and he spun that premise into something an 18-year-old kid would know about; sexually transmitted diseases. I guess I should probably explain that, huh? Fine, let's start a review said Maggie one day...

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Director: Pete Walker

Cast: Ray Brooks, Jenny Hanley, Luan Peters, Patrick Barr

Redemption Films / Region A / Rated R / 1.78:1 Widescreen / 96 minutes

Extras: "Flesh, Blood and Censorship", and interview with Pete Walker / Original 3-D ending sequence / Theatrical trailer


British filmmaker Pete Walker is one of those well known, beloved horror and exploitation directors who has just, for whatever reason, fallen through the cracks for me. I have bought quite a few of his movies based solely on their titles, covers and descriptions. Die Screaming, Marianne, House of Whipcord and Schizo just to name a few. His films have often been criticized for having misogynistic (like many exploitation and horror filmmakers) and oppressive "right-wing" tones but Walker denies any sort of underlying sexist or political subtexts. Interestingly and surprisingly, punk maven Malcolm McLaren had hired Pete Walker to direct a Sex Pistols documentary entitled "A Star is Dead" but the band broke up shortly thereafter. But I digress to the point at hand; let's talk about The Flesh and Blood Show.
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