Monday, November 17, 2014

Oui, Girls live in The Last House On The Left

Director: Fred J. Lincoln

Cast: Paul Thomas, Anna Ventura, Lisa De Leeuw, Sharon Kane, Tiffany Clark, Michael Morrison, Joey Silvera

Impulse Pictures / Region 1 / Unrated / 1.85:1 widescreen / Dolby Digital mono / 81 minutes

Extras: None

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The name Fred J. Lincoln may not mean much to you, but his role as the murdering rapist "Weasel" from Wes Craven's classic The Last House on the Left surely rings some bells. Before and after that iconic role, Lincoln acted in XXX films like Sarno's A Touch of Genie, Shaun Costello's Teenage Nurses, The Defiance of Good by Armand Weston and even the sequel to The Devil in Miss Jones. But it wasn't until 1976 and his adult film debut, Souperman, that Lincoln really hit his stride and would go on to make more than 300 porn flicks through every decade right up until 2006. He even made a sex parody of Craven's film entitled The Last Whore on the Left in 2004.

The same year he was acting in part two of Miss Jones (his scenes apparently ended up on the cutting room floor), he directed and wrote (along with porn actress Tiffany Clark) Oui, Girls, starring Paul Thomas, the amazing Anna Ventura and the redheaded goddess Lisa De Leeuw. The flimsy plot follows Nick and his assistant Barbara as they go undercover to the "Circle S" swingers ranch to uncover a murder. We meet a few other characters like the couple new to swinging, the host of the wife-swapping soiree, Buck and his voluptuous wife Cora and even a dude ('80s porn icon Joey Silvera) who is just a perverted hanger-on. The paper-thin story barely holds together the copious amount of sex.

Oui Girls

Oui, Girls probably took its name from the very popular (at the time) skin magazine OUI since the title has nothing to do with the actual plot. Fred J. Lincoln put together a straight-forward fun, sexy and fast-moving adult film that looks good on the new Impulse Pictures DVD. It opens with quite a bit of film damage and debris, but quickly gets much better, though not perfect. Most of the sex is pretty basic and shot with not too much of the balls-banging-on-the-butthole-extreme-close-up that I really dislike in a lot of new (and some retro) XXX flicks. The thing that makes the banging good is Lincoln's choice of women aside from one that I won't mention. Anna Ventura and Lisa De Leeuw are two of the most delectable fuck-toys I have ever seen in adult film.

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