Thursday, February 5, 2015

Roughies: Jamie Gillis and American Playgirls

Director: Claude Goddard

Cast: Darby Lloyd Raines, Jamie Gillis, Eric Edwards, Jennifer Jordan, Helen Madigan

Vinegar Syndrome / Region 1 / Rated X / 4:3 fullscreen / English mono / 141 minutes total

Extras: Theatrical Trailer


The director of our first adult feature must have been ashamed of his or her work because their identity is unknown, which is a shame because Abduction of an American Playgirl is a wonderfully playful sex comedy with lots of twists and turns. Two friends, Fred and Dumbo, are horny so they decide to kidnap a random chick and force her to have sex with them. So they do just that by grabbing a hitchhiker, Jackie, at which point she "faints", and they take her back to their love cabin. After rummaging through her purse they find that she is the daughter of a rich dude so now raping her isn't enough, add ransom to the agenda.

When she awakens, the guys get more than they bargained for when their hijinks turn this spoiled rich girl into a raging nymphomaniac! She takes them on one by one and at the same time, even then they can't keep up with her. She's a bottomless (she's literally pantyless the whole movie) black hole of a sexual appetite. Things just aren't going like the boys expected; they're worn out and her dad don't want to pay their ransom. Fred and Dumbo bring their friend in for back-up and she takes all three of them on, exhausts them, then proceeds to bang a couple of lost hunters! When her dad finally gives in, he sends his younger daughter to deliver the goods and that's when the REAL nuttiness begins.

Abduction of an American Playgirl is a madcap comedy kinda like if "The Benny Hill Show" was hardcore. The two kidnappers are lunkheads (as if the name "Dumbo" didn't give that away) and they are continuously falling over themselves and each other trying to deal with their captive. At one point, Jackie and the boys have a threesome but it's completely shown in fast-forward with sexual gymnastics and pratfalls galore and to top the scene off, the climax is in slow-motion. Wackiness! We are also treated to sisters on sister incest, a black man who is finally too much for BOTH sisters and a zany closing scene that would indeed make Benny Hill proud.

The second feature, a "notorious" roughie called Winter Heat starring Mr. Roughie himself Jamie Gillis, takes the theme of abduction women to the other extreme. In this downbeat, yet weirdly preachy film, three guys and a girl are vagabonds wandering through the snow-covered wilderness when they happen upon a cabin full of young women. They march up in there and proceed to manhandle their captives and force them to do degrading things and have sex with them. That's pretty much it since most of the movie is made up of sex scenes. The "preachy" part is an aside concerning class warfare and social issues that they find in a note while digging though the garbage.

The end is abrupt, a little confusing and is completely out of character with the rest of the movie. But hey, Jamie Gillis still fucking rocked. This retro XXX double feature is part of Vinegar Syndrome's line called PEEKARAMA: Big 2 Unit Show that highlights the best and most notorious adult films. They are both shown in fullscreen format (1.33:1) and both run about 70 minutes, give or take a minute. Abduction was scanned in 2k from the original 35mm camera negative, which is why this one looks the better of the two. Winter's 2k scan was taken from a 35mm archival print that looks great but is a little more beat up than Abduction. There are no extras on this disk other than the theatrical trailer for Abduction of an American Playgirl.

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