Monday, April 20, 2015

Long Jeanne Silver: The Love Stump


Director: Alex deRenzy

Cast: Jeanne Silver, Paul Thomas, Joey Silvera, Sandy Pinney

Vinegar Syndrome / All Region / XXX / 1.33:1 Fullscreen / 65 minutes EXTRAS: Commentary with Jeanne Silver


Long Jeanne Silver is one of the most interesting porn stars of all time. Not only was she an adorable, vibrant, very game sexual dynamo from the late 1970s to the mid-'80s but she had a one-of-a-kind gimmick; she only had one leg. More specifically she had one-and-three-quarters of a leg. She doesn't have a foot on her left leg which leaves a stump about halfway up her shin. We'll call that her "fucking stump". From an early age in Arizona, then to New York City, she was into some very adult things; sex, drugs and rock and roll (she used to hang out at Max's Kansas City in NYC back in the day). She was a stripper, did layouts for Cheri men's magazine and of course, starred in adult movies. In 1977 she was in three classic XXX films including Bill Lustig's The Violation of Claudia, Shaun Costello's ultra sleazy Waterpower (she was the first victim) and the Alex deRenzy directed, self-titled Long Jeanne Silver.

To call the latter a "movie" is sort of a stretch. It's basically a collection of five scenes starring and introduced by Jeanne. In these vignettes, she is put into different scenarios where her potential lovers react and are eventually penetrated by her fucking stump which she claims is "a bigger dick than John Holmes'". The scenes are; a female/male/female threesome, manal sex (that's what I call male anal), a lesbian threesome, a threesome with a married couple and finally a lesbian scene with a very horny neighbor. All of the "straight" sex in these scenes is pretty hot but it's the stump penetration that sells the tickets. The two scenes that stand out are interesting for completely different reasons. In the scene with the manal sex (that word will catch on eventually), it is pretty evident in the scene that the guy is gay. Jeanne blows him and his dick is nothing but taffy the entire time. She leaves the room and returns to lube up the leg and get it on!

She reveals in the DVD's commentary that she does indeed remember picking the guy up at a bath-house and deRenzy decided to put him in the film. He didn't seem to enjoy the process very much but took more of the leg than all of the chicks in the movie! The lesbian threesome was with two "inexperienced" girls and the set-up was Jeanne explaining the sexuality of her fucking stump and showing off her layout in Cheri magazine. The thing that makes the scene so great is that she has a total giggle fit right in the middle of the scene that was not in the script. So, if any present day company was going to restore this classic adult film and do it right, it would have to be either Distribpix or Vinegar Syndrome, right?

Well, Vinegar Syndrome is indeed the savior and they did it from a 16mm archival print. Its in its original aspect ratio of 1.33:1 (aka full screen) and looks fantastic. There is absolutely no damage or debris and the colors are nicely corrected. The only supplement on the disk is a commentary with Jeanne done over the phone where she is basically interviewed about her life in adult films and she also reminisces about things she can remember about the film itself. I had the good fortune to meet Jeanne a couple of weeks ago at Cinema Wasteland and she was the same giggly, good-natured young lady from the movie, only now I know that she is also friendly, intelligent and very well-spoken. Pick up this oddity May 12th and do yourself a favor and meet Jeanne herself if ever the opportunity arises.

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