Sunday, May 31, 2015

Infidus: Necrostorm Brings the Gory Goods

Director: Giulio De Santi

Cast: Mino Bonini, Massimo Caratelli, Stefania Bonini, Domenico Vagnati, Andrea Di Spirito

Necrostorm / PAL All Region / Unrated / 16x9 widescreen / Dolby Digital Italian / English, German, Japanese subtitles / 85 minutes

Extras: Soundtrack / Digital FX Tutorial / Snuff Footage / Bloopers / Trailers



Massimo is haunted by terrible nightmares and memories of his murdered wife at the hands of snuff film makers. For months he has been slyly corresponding with the jaded rich psychopath who bankrolled the movie in hopes that they would meet and he could exact his bloody revenge. Barraba is an ex-con getting released from prison with hopes of starting his life over with his brother. But he soon finds that his sibling is a snuff movie kingpin and this drives the giant, angry murderer over the edge and Barraba begins an ultra violent rampage through the dirty streets outside of Rome, Italy. The two men don't know it, but their lives are and will be entwined more than they will ever know.

Italian filmmaker Giulio De Santi (Hotel Inferno, Taeter City) is no stranger to copious amounts of stylized violence and gore. He has directed, written and produced some of the most over-the-top movie spectacles ever made, most notably Adam Chaplin which he produced and did the digital visual effects for, which helped to make it so outrageous. His company Necrostorm Production is quickly building a reputation of being the Splatter Kings of the World with their trademark effects style of using both practical and digital effects to maximize the egregious geysers of blood and guts.

Up to this point, De Santi has pretty much stayed in the horror realm but with his newest film Infidus, he ventured into the criminal elements. To say that Infidus is stark and brutal would be like saying that porn is easy to find on the internet. De Santi chose black and white for the most part, using color only to accent the changing of scenes or differentiating between our movie and footage from the snuff videos. There is also lots of post-editing that ads to the stylish look of Infidus; slow-motion, quick cuts, etc. He uses very little dialogue and an ominous score that creates dread and tension.

The acting was all very good especially considering the casting of real criminals (according to the press release) but the real star was the lumbering, powerful, realistic looking Bonini Mino who plays "Barraba". He brings a level of barbarism to the role that takes the entirety of the movie to another level of brutality. Necrostorm's last release Judy was a bit of a change for them, with its slow-burn pace and relative restraint on the violence and gore, but Infidus puts them back on track with a freight train of fast-paced uber-violence and lots of the splatter-ific bashing, slashing, stabbing and chopping most of their fans are looking for from them. Be sure to pick up your COLLECTOR'S EDITON straight from Necrostorm's site for lots of extra goodies!

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