Sunday, June 21, 2015

Death-scort Service: The Original Nudie Slasher

Death-scort Service
Director: Sean Donohue

Cast: Krystal "Pixie" Adams, Ashley Lynn Caputo, Cayt Feinics, Bob Glazier, Joel D. Wynkoop

The Sleaze Box / Region 1 / Unrated / 16x9 widescreen / Stereo / 79 minutes

EXTRAS: Her Kowalski visits the set / Behind the scenes / Deleted scene / Trailers



The slasher sub-genre lends itself beautifully to being sleazy. One of the mainstays of slasher flicks is a deranged killer, usually a dude, is running around all sneakily hacking and slicing his way through teenagers. A lot of those teens are usually hot chicks who are generally in various stages of nude. And those overly-hormonal young people are usually also involved in some sort of sex, drugs or, if you're lucky, both at the same time. In the seedier, grimier examples like Lustig's Maniac or Fulci's New York Ripper, there is also the unfortunate side effect of misogyny running wild. That tends to throw a heavy blanket of mean-spiritedness on the whole atmosphere which, for some, isn't necessarily a bad thing. But what if you want your sleazy slasher with a tone of playfulness while still being a splatter-iffic, sex-filled good time?

Enter Tampa Florida's own Sean Donohue (Joe Vampire, Die Die Delta Pi). The Tampa Bay area has long been a trashy adult playground known for having a large number of the sleaziest titty and full-nude clubs in the Dirty South. In the past few years Tampa and St. Pete have also attracted some down-and-dirty indie horror filmmakers, including Donohue and his production company Gatorblade Films. Alongside long-established heavy-hitters like Stephen Biro's Unearthed Films (American Guinea Pig: Bouquet of Guts and Gore), serious up-and-comers Cult Movie Mania (ROT) and The Sleaze Box ($kumbagz), Sean Donohue is making some waves in The Bay and beyond. His newest feature Death-scort Service is a new breed of debauched horror movie that I am going to dub the "Nudie Slasher". It's a relatively generic slasher flick storyline (with a few giallo-like elements) that includes a shit-load of blood and gore, very graphic and copious amounts of nudity and a frisky, offensive attitude.

Even though there is subject matter that could be considered "misogynistic" (a violent killer butchering "whores", rape) throughout the movie, it never delves into the hateful, grim waters of woman-hating rhetoric that some low-budget, extreme horror revel in. I'm sure that there are other examples of Nudie Slashers that I am not aware of or have forgotten (it seems like maybe Roberta Findlay would have done something similar years ago) but Death-scort Service is the originator of the new sub-genre as of right now. Death-scort Service isn't your typical shitty underground indie horror with poor production values and hokey editing. Donohue and his crew have created a slick-looking, beautifully lit, professionally shot product that also delivers the goods in spades. He doesn't need to hide the shortcomings of a ratty production in the shadows, he has faith in his cast and crew as well as himself and it shows.

Sean put together an all-star cast of Tampa Bay's sleaziest players like Krystal "Pixie" Adams, Ashley Lynn Caputo, Cayt Feinics, Bob Glazier and the ubiquitous Joel D. Wynkoop. Most of the cast are already The Sleaze Box alumni and not-so-coincidentally they are the company releasing this sleazy future classic on DVD soon. If you weren't lucky enough to get in on the crowd-funding campaign or haven't already pre-ordered a copy through The Sleaze Box, fucking get on that shit right now!

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