Friday, October 16, 2015

Robin Bougie: International Man of Sleaze


Author: Robin Bougie (STORE)

Publisher: FAB Press (WEBSITE)

Robin Bougie is a Canadian historian of all things sordid and trashy; movies, comics and just about anything else you can think of. Luckily for people like me, he is also a multi-talented artist and writer. He is the editor and publisher of "Cinema Sewer: The Adults Only Guide to the Sickest and Sexiest Movies!", "Sleazy Slice Comix Anthology" and "Graphic Thrills: American XXX Movie Posters". Amazingly, between creating all of this high-quality smut, he still works at a video store in Vancouver, British Columbia called Videomatica where he plies his wares and shoots the shit with customers all while probably watching some cool-ass movies. His publisher FAB Press is a British company that specializes in genre movie books and, in my humble opinion, is the best in the business. Their new collected editions of both "Cinema Sewer" (Vol.5) and "Graphic Thrills" (Vol.2) are now readily available on the FAB Press site, Amazon and Robin's own site (which has lots of cool extras if you order directly from him).

First up is the fifth installment of the Cinema Sewer legacy. Like the last four books, it is a collection of the individual issues of the Cinema Sewer zine with lots of extra content to flesh it out even more. Volume 5 covers issues 24, 25 and 25 and includes more than 80 extra pages of cartoons, movie reviews and just plain debauched fun. Robin is the primary contributor but features other awesome peeps like cover artist Vince Ruarus, Ben Newman (cover artist for the "Graphic Thrills" books), Ian Jane (Rock! Shock! Pop!), Paul Corupe (Canuxsploitation) and many more talented artists and writers. The content varies wildly; straight-up reviews of trash cinema, interesting interviews like documentarian Jordan Todorov, in-depth feature articles like the one about everyone's fantasy girl Ginger Lynn Allen, great movie lists like the "Top 20 Roughies" (both soft and hardcore), and a very thorough Nazisploitation list complete with thoughts on each film. After reading all five volumes of Cinema Sewer, I have a "wish list" a mile long of obscure horror, grimy porn and scummy exploitation films.


Now, for you more refined, artsy collector types, Robin and FAB Press has given us volume 2 of the utterly beautiful and wonderful "Graphic Thrills". This is a large coffee table-sized book with a slick, gorgeous cover by the aforementioned Ben Newman chock full of very high-quality posters of adult movies from 1970 to 1985, the heyday of classic porn. It's 144 pages of some of the most fabulous theater lobby and marquee posters from the time when you could actually see these kinds of movies in a theater with other like-minded perverts. Along with each piece of art is an essay relating to the movie that is "anecdotal, factual, and interview based". Kicking off the festivities is a first-rate introduction to the book by Bougie himself, containing a background of the bygone XXX business, the theaters and of course, the posters. In this volume you will see and learn about such infamous directors like Shaun Costello (Forced Entry), Carter Stevens (Highway Hookers) and Carlos Tobalina (Jungle Blue) who has had a whole crap-load of his films put out by Vinegar Syndrome. You can also  peruse some of your favorite performers like Jamie Gillis (Vista Valley PTA), Samantha Fox (Blue Ecstasy) and one of my favorites, Jeanne Silver.

These books are a no-brainer for any self-respecting genre movie collector. They are go-to reference guide when you think you have seen everything or just want to learn a little history and get some context to your favorite classic porn movies. These are the new releases but do yourself a favor once you have grabbed these two; go get the other four volumes of "Cinema Sewer" and the first "Graphic Thrills" book.

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  1. Just bought both books.They're fantastic. The posters are fantastic. Bougie's in-depth information and background details on all things porn is very entertaining and his artwork in Cinema Sewer is funny and explicit.


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