Thursday, November 5, 2015

Charles Bronson in Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects


Director: J. Lee Thompson

Cast: Charles Bronson, Juan Fernández, Perry Lopez, Peggy Lipton, Nicole Eggert

Olive Films / Region A / Rated R / 1.85:1 widescreen (1080p) / DTS-HD MA / 98 minutes



"Marty. Y'know what we got here? Motherfuckin' Charlie Bronson."

Those immortal words were uttered by pimp-daddy extraordinaire Drexel Spivey in a scene from the sorely underrated Tony Scott/Quentin Tarantino film True Romance when wild man Clarence Worley comes into Drexel's strip club with guns-a-blazin'. You wanna know why Drexel compared that white boy to Charles Bronson? Because Bronson, in nearly every role I can think of, has been an ass kicker to the nth degree. He's played badass cowboys, hitmen, vigilantes and of course, cops. Sometimes in the same role. The rugged as fuck Charles Bronson is synonymous with kicking ass. Charles Buchinsky (real name) takes no prisoners, fears no man and loves a good brawl. "He is extreme. No question about it."

In 1989's Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects, Bronson plays hardboiled New York City police Lieutenant Crowe. He has a mean hard-on for this child-peddling scumbag pimp named "Duke" who is always on the lookout for fresh meat (including the tasty Nicole Eggert in the opening scene, who was 17 at the time). Crowe has a teenage daughter whom he is very protective of (thus the special interest in Duke) and when she is groped on the public transportation bus by an "Oriental", he goes on a terribly racist rant right in the middle of a crowd of Asians. Little does he know that the man who touched his kid has had his much younger daughter (maybe 11ish?) kidnapped by Duke. So unbeknownst to him, he is now helping his daughter's assailant with his own pedophile problems.
Mr. Bronson, put it back in your pants!
Bronson's detective character "Crowe" is nothing more than an extension of his vigilante character "Paul Kersey" from the Death Wish series. He beats people, shoots them, fucks a dude in the ass with a dildo to get information out of him and even makes Duke eat a Rolex and sets fire to his car. The guy has serious violence issues. But really, these fucking perverts deserve everything coming to them, including Duke's ultimate comeuppance at the end of the movie. After Duke kidnaps the 11-yr-old Japanese girl, he and his two colleagues rape her to try her out before they turn her out. I don't know if any underground filmmakers would be this exploitative and sleazy, and Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects was released in theaters by Golan-Globus Productions aka Cannon Films.

A couple of awesome items of interest; this was Bronson's last film with Cannon Films but he later made Death Wish V: The Face of Death with Menahem Golan in 1994. It was also his last film with longtime collaborators producer Pancho Kohler and director J. Lee Thompson with whom he made films like 10 to Midnight and The Evil That Men Do. In the closing scene when Duke is being put in prison (for a little 'get to know you' time with his big, very friendly bunk mate), one of the other prisoners is the ubiquitous and well-loved Danny Trejo who has but one line. The Japanese word "kinjite" means "foul, forbidden or prohibited", often used in the Japanese sport of sumo to describe illegal moves.

And my favorite bit of trivia has to do with the sleazy XXX movie theater marquee on the streets of Times Square that features Emmanuelle 4 starring the legendary Sylvia Kristel and Maid in Sweden featuring my favorite exploitation actress of all time, Christina Lindberg. Oddly, neither of these films had hardcore XXX footage that made it in the final edit although Emmanuelle did shoot actual sex scenes, not featuring the main actors including Kristel, that turned up as extras on certain European DVD editions.

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