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Zebedy Colt Roughs Up The Farmer's Daughters

Director: Zebedy Colt

Cast: Spalding Gray, Gayle Leonard, Susan McBain, Nancy Dare, Jon Black

Impulse Pictures / All Region / Unrated / 1.33:1 fullscreen / Dolby Digital mono / 61 minutes

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The name Edward Earle Marsh will undoubtably not ring a bell. His pseudonym "Zebedy Colt" probably isn't much more recognizable unless you are a pretty hardcore classic adult film or "grindhouse" fan. Edward Earle Marsh was a gay actor, musician, adult film director and star who started out as a child actor and who later would become the first pioneer of the first "queer cabaret" when he recorded the album "I'll Sing For You" with the London Philharmonic Orchestra. This would be the first time he used the name "Zebedy Colt" to distinguish this work from his "legit" theater work. To make ends meet a few years later, he would continue as Zebedy to star and direct adult films in the '70s, most notably 1977's The Devil Inside Her. He was infamous for making "roughies", XXX films that usually consist of rape, degradation and other forms of sexual violence.

The Farmer's Daughters
Surprise buttsecks!
One of the more shocking of his cannon is The Farmer's Daughters from 1976 which starts out with three of Farmer Shep's daughters peeking through the window to watch ma and pa doing some missionary-style fucking. They are interrupted by Freddy, the farm hand, who scolds them before they take him into the shed and force themselves on him, two of them riding his face and cock while the third watches. Three escape convicts show up on the farm and watch the daughters before heading off to take turns with dear ol' mom, making pop watch. After that fun, the three criminals take Shep and his wife to find the girls for a little game of "Simon Says". In this game, they basically force the daughters to suck their dicks and anally take them doggy-style while making them bark. But Freddy returns to save the day, or does he? Fuck no! At gun point he has sex with ma while making one girl suck off dad and the three of them pleasure mom.

It doesn't end there because the final sequence is bonkers crazy. While Farmer Shep starts blasting the bad guys (including Freddy) with the rifle, there isa  bizarrely pieced together scene of the shooting and highlights of the entire movie edited together in a slipshod and clipped manner. I guess it's a fitting ending to a classic adult film that will most certainly turn most watchers off. Most of the sex is ugly in its content, the actors and actresses and the way Colt shot the scenes. There are some super close-ups on things that maybe should never be seen close up. Most of the actors are grimy (including Colt who plays "Shep") and the women are pretty unappealing as well, the cutest being Nancy Dare (who was also in Sex Wish with Colt) who plays the dimpled blonde "Jane". Not much is left out of The Farmer's Daughters as far as taboo content. Aside from the aforementioned rape and incest, there are also two "golden shower" scenes; the daughters all take a whiz on poor Freddy and the convicts tinkle on the all of the daughters and mother. Close your mouths, sillies!

Interestingly, respected actor and writer Spalding Gray was one of the criminals and was later uncredited in Radley Metzger's Maraschino Cherry. Gray died of an apparent suicide brought on by a head injury he sustained in a car accident. His body was found in the East River months after he was reported missing. His case was featured on the Fox hit show "America's Most Wanted".

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  1. Zebedy Colt was quite the porn actor/filmmakers with and array of shocking XXX films from that Golden Era(the 70s)such as THE AFFAIRS OF JANCE,SHARON,and UNWILLING LOVERS(as well as the above mentioned titles),and roles in the likes of THE STORY OF JOANNA(a mainstream porn audience aimed porn featuring an oral servicing scene with him and Jamie Gillis). Anyone who sees his acting in the likes of ..LOVERS,..JOANNA,and SEX WISH and his own directed films will never forget him.


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