Thursday, January 14, 2016

Bruno Mattei throws Black Emanuelle into a Women's Prison Massacre

aka Emanuelle Escapes from Hell
aka A Bunch of Bastards
aka Blade Violent
aka Emanuelle in Prison

Director: Bruno Mattei

Cast: Laura Gemser, Gabriele Tinti, Ursula Flores, Franca Stoppi, Lorraine De Selle

Retro Shock-O-Rama / Region 1 / NR / 16x9 Widesscreen and 4x3 Fullscreen Versions / Mono / 89 minutes

Extras: Caged Women aka Violence in a Women's Prison (4x3 fullscreen feature) / Collectible Full Color Booklet Featuring Liner Notes


Photojournalist/investigative reporter Emanuelle (Gemser) is sent to prison after uncovering a corrupt politician who is into drug smuggling. She is horribly out of place there among the riff-raff and she stands out to the evil warden. When she isn't protecting herself against prison bullies, she is standing up to the sadistic guards. They routinely beat and torture the inmates for their own amusement and "punishment". In those respects, this is a pretty typical women in prison flick. It isn't until four male inmates arrive that the fun really gets started. Led by "Crazy Boy", these prisoners are held at the women's institution after a botched escape attempt during transportation. Soon after arriving, they take over the prison, the guards, the warden and especially the *BOW CHICKA BOW BOW* hot-in-the-ass female inmates.

I'll let you guess what happens when psycho criminal dudes run amuck in a building full of captive, horny chicks. Violence, cheeseball dialogue ("I'd like to bite your nipples off!") and good clean dirty fun is the backbone of Women's Prison Massacre, Bruno Mattei's (The Other Hell, Hell of the Living Dead) "women in prison" genre offering. I love women in prison films. They are everything an exploitation fan could want. Of course some are more explicit than others. Some are more focused on sex. Some violence. Some are just plain fun. Women's Prison Massacre has a little of everything. The male inmates, especially "Blade", are cartoonishly psychotic. Making all kinds of animated "crazy" faces and laughing like hyenas, it's hysterical. Oddly enough, "Crazy Boy", played by Gemser's real-life husband Gabriele Tinti, sounds a lot like Adam West of "Batman" and "Family Guy" fame, or at least his dubbed voice-over guy does.

There is plenty of violence and gore to satiate the horror fans as well. Scenes like "Blade" being torn apart at the hands of the female inmates, and a razor in one of the female's vagina (I'll let you think about that) are the most notorious. Mattei is not the best director but for what the subject matter calls for, he is more than competent. While not in title, this is an entry into the "Black Emanuelle" series and fits nicely right along with classics like Emanuelle in America. One of the big things that makes the movie work is the actors and actresses. They all revel in their roles and bring out all of the nastiness of the characters. I loved every dirty minute.

UPDATE: Scream Factory has now come out with a Blu-ray of the uncut version of the film in 1080p high-definition. The Retro Shock-O-Rama DVD didn't look bad considering the source material and while the new Blu-ray is a step up, don't expect a perfect HD experience. The colors are surprisingly vibrant even though the picture is pretty flat, the contrasts are still weak and there are minor scratches and damage throughout. That being said, it does indeed look better than the DVD and who cares that a movie this filthy looks pristine? You may want to keep DVD if you have one because the Blu-ray has zero extra features. At least with the DVD you get a second feature and a nice booklet.

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