Thursday, January 28, 2016

Code Red announces 2k Blu-ray release of THE BLACK GESTAPO

Yesterday on their Facebook page, Code Red "officially" announced (as much as they do) that they will be doing a 2k restoration on Lee Frost's outstanding vigilante blaxploitation classic from 1975, The Black Gestapo:
"CODE RED DVD is going 2K transfers! We are going 2K and many of our new telecine. so many Blu-ray will blessed with 2k! BLACK GESTAPO in 2K! For those limited people who buy Code red product will enjoy quality! (I am sure many will say not. lol)"
From that quote, it makes it sound like Bill and Co. have not been doing 2k restorations on their HD transfers to this point. I have yet to check out any of their Blu-rays and have read opinions both good and bad. Let's hope that this means nothing but good things from them from here on out.

Either way, I am looking forward to seeing The Black Gestapo restored and also looking ahead to 1980's House on the Edge of the Park that they announced a while ago.

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