Monday, January 18, 2016

The Sinful Dwarf Limited Edition Blu-ray: Now With More Sleaze!

The Sinful Dwarf Blu-rayOne of the vilest and most depraved movies to ever feature a little person, nay a dwarf, is coming to Blu-ray in a very limited 3000 piece run. 

Vidal Raski's classic sleaze-fest The Sinful Dwarf stars Torben Bille as a slobbering, sadistic psychopath who doesn't let his diminutive size stop him from getting his thrills from kidnapping, drugging and pimping out helpless women!

Severin put out two versions on DVD a few years ago; an unrated and a XXX version with hardcore scenes. This new Blu-ray will feature a "Strong International Version", which is the hardcore cut and the "Alternate US Release Version", entitled The Abducted Bride. Not only are you going to get the two very different cuts, because that's not enough sleaze, but the extras will contain an excerpt from the Torben Bille sex film The Hottest Show In Town and the never before released full-length feature The Blue Balloon from the the sicko producers of The Sinful Dwarf! Still not enough? Fuck, you people are messed up! Fine, they are also throwing in "The Harry Novak Story", a featurette from the American Grindhouse director, Elijah Drenner. Just for fun they are also including two featurettes; "The Search for Torben" and "The Severin Controversy" as well as trailers and TV and radio spots.

It's available for pre-order now HERE and will hit the streets 02/23/2016!

The Sinful Dwarf

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