Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Coming to Blu-ray: Alice Cooper stars in Claudio Fragasso's MONSTERS DOG

Rock legend Alice Cooper stars in one of the wildest horror films of the 1980s!

Coming to Blu-ray March 15th from Kino Lorber and Scorpion Releasing; the nutty, supernatural, killer dog rock-fest MONSTER DOG from Claudio Fragasso–the maniac who brought you the outrageous Troll 2 and assisted "Vincent Dawn" aka Bruno Mattei on such trash classics as Hell of the Living Dead, Rats: Night of Terror and Scalps!

When singer Vince Raven returns to his hometown to shoot a music video, he and his crew are confronted by a terrifying local legend. Packs of wild, bloodthirsty dogs seem to be on the loose attacking the population, but in fact, there's something even more monstrous and supernatural at work: a clawed, demonic beast straight from the depths of hell.

Featuring two Alice Cooper songs, "Identity Crisis" and "See Me in the Mirror,"!

Director Claudio Fragasso
Starring Alice Cooper, Victoria Vera, Carlos Santurio

Making-of Featurette: Lord of the Dogs


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