Monday, February 29, 2016

The Nick Phillips Uschi Digard Collection

Director: Nick Phillips aka Nick Millard

Cast: Uschi Digard, Neola Graef, Lynn Harris, Barbara Mills

Retro-Seduction Cinema / Region 1 / Unrated / 1.33:1 fullscreen / Mono

Extras: Trailer / 8mm loops / Interview with 42nd Street Pete


Here at the Cinesploitation complex there is a hierarchy of exploitation babes that really turn our crank; Christina Lindberg, Laura Gemser, Dyanne Thorne, Pam Grier, Linda Blair and apropos of this article, the Mistress of Mountainous Melons, Uschi Digard. Uschi is the Swedish bombshell–just a couple of years older than her fellow countrywoman Christina Lindberg–who is probably best known for starring in Russ Meyers movies like Supervixens. She would also go on to roles in Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks along side the also big bosomed Dyanne Thorne and her most mainstream film The Kentucky Fried Movie as the voluptuous girl taking a shower in the "Catholic High School Girls in Trouble" segment. But she starred in ass-tons of softcore films and that, my perverted friends, are what we are going to focus on today.

This collection from Retro-Seduction Cinema features two hour long (approx.) Uschi features; Pleasures of a Woman and Fancy Lady, both directed by skin auteur Nick Philips, a remake of Pleasures of a Woman as well as a half-dozen 5 minute (approx.) Uschi 8mm loops. None of the action in this release is hardcore, it's all bumping and grinding and mostly girl-on-girl stuff which is rarely a bad thing. The aforementioned loops are mostly of Miss Digard stripping and fondling herself, which is also not a bad thing, but the last scene was my favorite. It features Uschi with an aging Candy Samples and some skinny dude getting it on in a threesome. To see those two titans of titties going at it was a real treat although I could have done without the guy and the band-aid on Candy's chest... not sexy. The fucking 8mm *clickclickclick* sound was also annoying as shit but I tuned it out after the boobs distracted me.

Both versions of Pleasures of a Woman had the same basic plot; a sexy woman meets her deceased husband's niece at his funeral and befriends her to get her inheritance. The two move in together and the woman seduces the niece with sex and drugs. In Nick Philips' vastly superior film, there is an inner struggle that goes on inside of the niece because she knows the woman has bad intentions but she can't help giving in to her lesbian desires. There is no dialogue in the movie, only narration by the young girl. The remake focuses mostly on the softcore sapphic rubbing of Darian Caine, Julian Wells and Syn DeVil, who has one hell of a fucking body. That's really the only reason to watch this one because it lacks in the charm and story of the original. But when Syn and Darian start getting loose with each other, it's a fucking party.

The second feature Fancy Lady is Uschi walking around downtown San Francisco seeing the beautiful sights and taking in all of the sexcapades of the city. Her mission is to compare the free-loving 'Frisco with her home town of Copenhagen. She takes in some adult cinema, goes on an interview that turns out to be a voyeuristic encounter and masturbates with a shoe. That's right, a shoe. Which, oddly seems to be a theme for Nick Philips because both Pleasures of a Woman and Fancy Lady had Uschi sticking heels up her snizz and rubbing the leather all over her bodacious bosoms. It's a shame this collection didn't contain ONLY Digard flicks and more of her getting it on with some dudes but maybe I will dig deeper into the Retro-Seduction for more. Overall, as a huge fan of Uschi Digard and retro-sleaze in general, I loved this. These two DVDs are chock full of giant natural fun-bags straight from Sweden!

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