Thursday, February 18, 2016

Unearthed Films plus Ruggero Deodato equals AWESOME

Unearthed Films have announced that they will be releasing two movies associated with filmmaker Ruggero Deodato. 

While not being in his usual role as director, Deodato will step in as associate producer of the Mexican gore-fest Atroz aka Atrocious for first time feature film director Lex Ortega. Ortega is primarily known as the sound designer for such movies as the werewolf flick Late Phases but he has also turned out some well respected short films over the past few years. In fact, Atroz was a short he did in 2012 and decided to flesh it out a bit more for this feature.

Atroz is a film that portrays the story of two serial killers. After the pair are arrested for causing a traffic accident, the police confiscate some videotapes. These tapes contain brutal murders and tortures that show human wickedness, their background, paraphilia, and the psyche of these murderers.


Another first time director Vincenzo Petrarolo will be behind the camera for one of Deodato's rare appearances as an actor in his new movie Lilith's Hell where Ruggero will play, well, Ruggero Deodato. This Italian production is shot in a "Cinéma vérité" style which Deodato famously used in the notorious Cannibal Holocaust.

A pair of filmmakers try to work with Ruggero Deodato to pull off a horror film based on realism. The producer's family house, where the film is to be shot, turns out to have it's own secrets hidden behind the walls. Secret chambers and ritualistic ceremonies invoking the spirit of Lilith. She who was cursed by God for not obeying Adam in the Garden of Eden. The women in the crew are possessed one, by one and their only salvation is through death.

No release dates have been settled yet as these films make the film festival rounds and Unearthed is hard at work putting together the special features for the DVDs.

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