Monday, March 7, 2016


Director(s): Howard Ziehm, Richard Kanter

Cast(s): Kari Klark, Kevin Thompson, Tracy Walton, Serena, Lesllie Bovee, John Leslie

Vinegar Syndrome / All Region / XXX / 1.85:1 widescreen / Dolby Digital mono / 78 min (Star) 76 min (Encounters)

Extras: Commentary with Howard Ziehm (Star Virgin) / Biographical audio interview with actor Job Martin (Sexual Encounters)


There are some classic adult film directors that you know right offhand if you are a fan of the genre; Gerard Damiano (Devil in Miss Jones), Carter Stevens (Teenage Twins), Shaun Costello (Water Power) and many more. A couple of names you may not know are Howard Ziehm and Richard Kanter, both of whom made at least one movie that you probably know and might even love. Ziehm's 1974 sci-fi parody Flesh Gordon has become a cult classic, even known outside of porn fandom. The lesser known of the two is probably Kanter who, while not having a break-out hit the likes of Flesh Gordon, did hit a couple of home runs with some really hot sleepers including Fantasy in Blue (1975) and my favorite, Desires Within Young Girls (1977) starring a bevy of legendary stars. A couple of titles you may not be privy to are the science-fiction comedic anthology Star Virgin and Sensual Encounters of Every Kind by Ziehm and Kanter respectively.

Star Virgin is the strongest of the pair in every way. It stars the adorably sexy former Hustler centerfold Kari Klark as a pod baby who was artificially produced by robots in the future after all of humanity has been destroyed. Upon awakening the "Star Virgin" begins to ask questions of her mechanical host, Mentor. Of course she wants to know about humanity and the questions quickly turn to procreation. Through a series of surprisingly funny vignettes, Mentor walks Star through the history of sex, starting with the first sexual encounter that apparently happened in the 1950s when Adam and Eve (natch) start making out and a giant snake walks them through eating fruit and fucking. In the next story, Dracula has a threesome with Renfield and a lovely prisoner. The third involves a couple of horny cheerleaders fucking an injured football player until he's magically cured! And the last bit sees a couple of strippers take a group of dudes in the back room and get their gang-bang on. All of this gets Star all heated up and she masturbates and is covered in techno-cum leading to a possible restart of the human race? Kinda, maybe?

Richard Kanter's Sensual Encounters of Every Kind is a little more on the fantasy/supernatural tip than science fiction–even though the DVD cover would lead you to believe otherwise. It revolves around a magical amulet that empowers the wearer and makes them sexually irresistible (maybe too much so) but used incorrectly gives the owner bad luck. The first chick gets gang-raped by her gardeners (of course she begins to like it after they get into it). Saucy French teacher is seduced by a brother and sister she is tutoring. A Senator is caught cheating with his assistant after he takes off the necklace. Coach Davis bangs a couple of nubile female college athletes in the gym and sauna. And finally a troubled young couple from the '50s find money and fortune after he accidentally discovers the jewelry but the story ends when he drops it out of the car window and a nun picks it up... end credits. While Star Virgin was fun, goofy and sexy, Sexual Encounters of Every Kind was just boring situations stringing together mostly forgettable sex scenes, except one with one of my favorite actresses, Serena... she's so damned hot.

Both of these movies have been released by Vinegar Syndrome which means that they are beautiful presentations, meticulously repaired, cleaned up and transferred from the remaining surviving elements. Aside from a very few damaged cells that were apparently unfixable, both of these look and sound great. The two movies make a pretty good XXX fantasy/science fiction double-feature as long as you save Star Virgin until last to end on a good note.

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