Friday, April 8, 2016

Arrow Video: SHIVERS Comparison R-rated vs. Uncut

In 2014 Arrow Video released David Cronenberg's classic body horror Shivers in a regular Blu-ray version as well as Blu-ray steelbook. Shortly after it was revealed that they had inadvertently or otherwise used the American R-rated version of the film instead of the "uncut" version that runs about 25 seconds longer. That time is trimmed from nine different scenes and while not altering the plot, those moments add to the intensity of the scenes while also allowing for a little more bloodletting.

But fear not, the good people at Arrow have heard the cries of the collectors and movie nerds alike and have gathered those missing seconds and added them to new replacement disks with the same beautiful quality as the original release. For those who bought directly from the Arrow site, you need to do nothing except wait for your Blu-rays or DVDs to arrive. If you bought from someone else, just follow this LINK, fill it out and you too will receive your fully uncut Shivers replacement disks!

For those interested in seeing the differences in the versions, check out this cool video that Arrow recently posted.

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