Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sleazebox Presents: Chris Woods' CHAOS A.D. (Review)

Chris Woods, the man behind Sleazebox home video and the cinematic atrocity Amerikan Holokaust is back to see just how much sexual and violent depravity you can take with his new movie, Chaos A.D. 

Cast: Lisa Marie Kart, Ashley Lynn Caputo, Cayt Feinics, Bob Glazier, Amanda Welch, Saharra Huxly, Eric Danger Dionne, David A. Jackson, Paula Tsurara, Krystal Pixie Adams, Joel D. Wynkoop, Joe Makowski, Gustavo Perez

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The plot is a simple one; an abused woman with a deadly secret, a horny politician, and a couple of siblings with an abusive father are all kidnapped or lured into the filthy scummy lair of a group of vicious scumbags bent on torturing and killing them. Led by the malicious Bytch (Feinics) and her girl-toy Vixen (Welch), Lilith (Tsurara), Lester (Glazier) and the giantess Misery (Huxly), this murderous gang cages, rapes, degrades, tortures and kills everything in their path. But when jealously between Bytch and Vixen takes their focus away, their victims begin to escape and fight their way to freedom, possibly becoming the monsters they are running from.

You know when a movie opens up with a revolver slowly sliding down a naked woman's torso, making its way down and into her most private of places and *BANG*, a bullet up the snizz... you're in for some really depraved shit. Sleazebox, the home video company based out of Tampa—a city known for its strip clubs and filthy, trashy side—reflects its city's reputation. Chris Woods is an unassuming looking guy, mild-mannered and maybe even a little shy in real life but don't let that fool you, this dude has some fucked up shit stomping around in his head. Chaos A.D. doesn't blaze any new trails and it could definitely be pigeon-holed into "torture porn" but those who like the low-budget, underground shit will love this.

I love the fact that all but one of the violent sexual predators are women and the brutality isn't just directed at other females. Men are castrated (natch), anally raped with a spiked dildo, eaten alive and more. But of course since you have the fantastically maniacal Bob Glazier (another quiet guy in real life) you simply HAVE to have him strip down to his saggy twig and berries and rape a young, hot chick. It isn't a party without Bob's dick making an appearance! Naked stabby games in the dark, Frankenstein-ing (you'll know what I mean when you see it), hand-squeezed boobie explosions, ocular drilling and so much more fun times await you in this entry into Chris Woods' cinema of sickness.

The cast is made up of locals from the Tampa Bay/St.Pete area for the most part, culled from tattoo shops, heavy metal radio, burlesque shows and even female domination websites. Some of them have been in Sleazebox productions before and most of them have worked with other Tampa-based movie companies like Unearthed and Gatorblade Films. The victims led by the adorable metalhead Lisa Marie Kart are all solid in their roles but in a production like this you kinda root for the bad guys, or in this case, the bad girls. Their faces are stylishly yet menacingly painted, they are hot, they are badasses and best of all, they are naked... a lot. In her first leading role, Cayt Feinics grabs and holds your attention with her dark, intense eyes and practiced snarl. Amanda Welch is ice cold. Paula Tsurara is visceral and sexy. Bob Glazier is maniacal. And newcomer Sahara Huxly is menacing and intense.

Chaos A.D. will not be for everyone but if you know what you are in for, you will be sucked up in the cyclone of utter debauchery and violent perversion.

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