Monday, December 19, 2016

More Incestual Yearnings with TABOO II & III (Review)

Director: Kirdy Stevens

Cast(s): Kay Parker, Dorothy LeMay, Honey Wilder, Kevin James, Lisa Lake, Pamela Mann, Jerry Butler, Ron Jeremy

Vinegar Syndrome / All Region / 1.85:1 widescreen / DTS-HD mono / 191 minutes (total)

Extras: Video interview with actor Blake Palmer / Original theatrical trailer for TABOO 2 / Kay Parker’s personal script for TABOO 3 / Reverse cover artwork



In 1980 adult film director director Kirdy Stevens and his wife/collaborating writer Helene Terrie made one of the most infamous and legendary porn movies ever; the mother and son incest-themed Taboo (REVIEW). The story centered around newly divorced Barbara (Kay Parker) and her teenage son Paul who wasn't shy about letting dear ol' mom know that he wanted to fuck her. And with legs and big natural juggs like hers, who wouldn't? Barbara is sexually frustrated and with the goading of her nymphomaniac best friend, she eventually succumbs to Paul and they have a torrid affair. So what do you do when a film like that is a success? Make sequels, of course!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Opinionsploitation: Was Rob Zombie's '31' a scam?

By Spencer Combs

I finally sat down to watch Rob Zombie's new film 31 and like many others, I can't say I was a fan. But that's neither here nor there with regards to the point of this writing. What really irked me was when I remembered that Rob crowd funded this movie, then proceeded to put it in theaters in a "neutered" version with promises of an unrated cut later.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Join the Mile-High Club with THE STEWARDESSES (Review)

Director: Al Silliman Jr.

Cast: Christina Hart, Ronald South, William Condos

Jezebel & Redemption Films / All Region / Rated R / 1.37:1 fullscreen / English stereo / 93 minutes

Extras: 3-D and 2-D versions of the film / Theatrical trailer / Softcore short: "Experiments in Love"



"A group of friendly flight attendants spend their layovers engaging in casual sexual encounters and popular amusements (including hallucinogenic drugs and a psychedelic haunted hause). But the life of the stewardess is not without its pitfalls, and the women must eventually face the moral consequences of their high-flying lifestyles."
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