Monday, December 19, 2016

More Incestual Yearnings with TABOO II & III (Review)

Director: Kirdy Stevens

Cast(s): Kay Parker, Dorothy LeMay, Honey Wilder, Kevin James, Lisa Lake, Pamela Mann, Jerry Butler, Ron Jeremy

Vinegar Syndrome / All Region / 1.85:1 widescreen / DTS-HD mono / 191 minutes (total)

Extras: Video interview with actor Blake Palmer / Original theatrical trailer for TABOO 2 / Kay Parker’s personal script for TABOO 3 / Reverse cover artwork



In 1980 adult film director director Kirdy Stevens and his wife/collaborating writer Helene Terrie made one of the most infamous and legendary porn movies ever; the mother and son incest-themed Taboo (REVIEW). The story centered around newly divorced Barbara (Kay Parker) and her teenage son Paul who wasn't shy about letting dear ol' mom know that he wanted to fuck her. And with legs and big natural juggs like hers, who wouldn't? Barbara is sexually frustrated and with the goading of her nymphomaniac best friend, she eventually succumbs to Paul and they have a torrid affair. So what do you do when a film like that is a success? Make sequels, of course!

In part II, Barbara is back but only in a small role. After she fucks her friend's son Junior, the story movies to Junior and his lust for his sister Sherry, who happens to be Paul's hot-as-fuck redheaded girlfriend from the first movie. Sherry wants nothing to do with Paul but he is a persistent, horny shit head and finally after being tricked, she gives in to him and his girlfriend. But just when you think that this family is only just a bit screwed up, Junior then seduces his mom and Sherry gets some of dad's big dick while mom sleeps right next to them! There are a few really hot scenes like a massage that turns into a MILF sandwich threesome and a wonderful orgy starring a young and fit Ron Jeremy where Barbara gets some of Sherry's strawberry pie!

Everyone's favorite "Mom I'd Like to Fuck", Barbara is back in the starring role in the third installment. Paul has left her but her other son Jimmy (Jerry Butler) has come back from New York with the band he manages called "Affair." Jimmy has groupies and a girlfriend who mom is jealous of but she doesn't think it's a sexual jealousy, oh but it is. Of course Jimmy wants to bang his hot mommy so he uses a bit of trickery to get at those giant natural tits. The standout scenes here are a MILF/mom/son threesome, an after concert orgy (also starring Ron Jeremy) and a pizza boy vs. two MILFs romp. This may be my favorite of the trilogy because of three things; the new wave/synth/pop band, Pamela Mann's gorgeous big knockers and the Asian chick with the speech impediment who "love to suck pwick".

This double feature of sequels is fucking great. They look fantastic with only a few scenes with some obvious damage to the frames but nothing that takes away from the viewing experience. The sex goes from basic, everyday fucking to mind-blowingly sexy scenes of just giving in to carnal lust. The one extra on the blu-ray is an interview with Blake Palmer who plays Jerry Butler's friend "Brian" in part III. He is a pretty interesting, intelligent guy with lots of stories to tell including how legendary photographer Suze Randall talked him into getting into "fuck movies". Like the original Taboo, these two sequels are of the highest production values and look like a legit mainstream movie that just happens to have questionable acting and lots of boy private parts going into girl private parts.

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