Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Cinesploitation's Favorites of 2016

It's the beginning of a new year which means we must again look back at the year before and reflect upon what we deem superlative. 2016 was a fantastic year for horror and exploitation films, old and new. There were some very good new movies produced and there were lots of amazing releases of some older classics and fan favorites. The continuing epic release schedule of Vinegar Syndrome and the insane limited releases from Arrow Video were among the highlights, but many more companies had superb years. So, without further ado, lets take a look at our favorite releases and companies of 2016!


(NOTE: Images not taken from the releases and do not reflect the quality of the video therein.)

99 Women (3-Disk Limited Edition Blu-ray, Blue Underground) - Not only does this beautifully restored 4k scanned release have Franco's preferred cut of the notoriously sleazy Women in Prison film, but it also includes the even raunchier French cut to boot. More Franco in HD in 2017! (BUY FROM GRINDHOUSE VIDEO)

Night Has A Thousand Desires (Blu-ray, Mondo Macabro) - Oh look, it's another Jess Franco movie on the list. Why? Because this little known gem starring the stunning Lina Romay was given a beautiful new life by the cinematic archaeologists at Mondo Macabro. (BUY FROM GRINDHOUSE VIDEO)

American Guinea Pig: Bloodshock (3-Disk Limited Edition Blu-ray, Unearthed Films) - The second entry into the series by Unearthed Films and it's a fucking doozy. Gore galore with an otherworldly feel and deep subtexts. (BUY FROM GRINDHOUSE VIDEO)

Christina (Blu-ray, Intervision Picture Corp.) - Sexploitation legend Jewel Shepard getting kidnapped by lesbian commandos? I'm all in! From writer/producer Harry Alan Tower (who coincidentally produced 99 Women) comes this sizzler in wondrous high-definition! (BUY FROM GRINDHOUSE VIDEO)

Tenebrae (3-Disk Limited Edition Blu-ray Steelbook, Synapse Films) - I'm not a huge Dario Argento fan (hey, stop throwing things!) but this release of my favorite movie of his is unbelievable. Yes, there is a regular edition, but this one has a shit-ton of extras not to be missed! (BUY FROM GRINDHOUSE VIDEO)

Female Prisoner Scorpion: The Complete Collection (Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD set, Arrow Video) - I am a huge fan of "Pinky Violence" and the Female Prisoner Scorpion series is some of the best. This deluxe set from Arrow is a must own for fans of the genre. (BUY FROM GRINDHOUSE VIDEO)

Taboo Trilogy (Blu-ray/DVD, Vinegar Syndrome) - The first 3 films of one of the most infamous porn series' ever got the royal treatment from Vinegar Syndrome. The original got it's own release, while the two sequels come in a double-feature package. Sexy incest, ahoy! (BUY PART I and THE SEQUELS FROM GRINDHOUSE VIDEO)

Cat in the Brain (Blu-ray, Grindhouse Releasing) - This under appreciated Fulci gore-fest is just my favorite of three superlative blu-ray release from Grindhouse this year; Pieces, Cat in the Brain and I Drink Your Blood. Upgrade your Grindhouse Releasing DVDs today! (BUY FROM GRINDHOUSE VIDEO)

Shock and Gore: The Films of H.G. Lewis (Limited Edition Blu-ray Box Set, Arrow Video) - Far and away the most extravagant film collection I have ever seen and the Release of the Year. The thing weighs a million pounds and stands 12 feet tall! (Maybe not, but it's fucking HUGE!) This one is sold out but you can still get the ridiculously awesome "Feast" Box Set. (BUY THE FEAST SET FROM GRINDHOUSE VIDEO)


There were so many great releases in 2016 from a bunch of awesome companies who are keeping physical media alive. Do yourself a favor and continue to support these endeavors so that we as fans can continue to get classic and obscure films alike to enjoy and collect. Here's to 2017 being another stand-out year for genre home video!

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