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Thursday, February 11, 2016

THOU SHALT NOT KILL... EXCEPT maybe some dirty hippies

aka Stryker's War

Director: Josh Becker

Cast: Sam Raimi, Brian Schulz, Robert Rickman, John Manfredi, Timothy Patrick Quill, Cheryl Hausen

Synapse Films / All Region / Unrated / 1.66:1 widescreen / Dolby 2.0 mono / 83 minutes

Disk Extras: The Original Super 8mm Short film, STRYKER'S WAR Short Film / Made in Michigan: The Making of THOU SHALT NOT KILL... EXCEPT / Two Audio Commentaries Featuring Director Josh Becker, Bruce Campbell and Star Brian Schulz / All-New Video Interview with Bruce Campbell / Deleted Scene with Optional Director's Commentary / Alternate Title Sequence / Original Theatrical Trailer / Reversible Cover Artwork


Imagine if you will; the "fake Shemp" zombie from the Evil Dead movies, Josh Becker, directing Evil Dead and Spider-Man franchise writer/director Sam Raimi in the role of a lunatic, murderous hippie cult leader in a story co-written by "Ash" himself, Bruce Campbell. Also picture that story being about four Vietnam soldiers who raid that cult's compound in a violent, bullet riddled massacre to save a loved one from anti-war protesters and bikers who are planning on torturing and killing the victim. Does that sound nutty? Campy? Fucking awesome? Well, it is all of those things and more.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Classic Porn Quickie: Shaun Costello's FORCED ENTRY

Director: Shaun Costello

Cast: Laura Cannon, Harry Reems, Jutta David

After Hours Cinema / Color / Rated XXX / NTSC R1 / Fullscreen 1.33:1 / Mono / 80 minutes

Extras: "The Lost Loop Collection" / Booklet of liner notes from Shaun Costello / Trailer Vault


Harry Reems plays a no-named Vietnam Vet/rapist/serial killer with PTSD and suffers from flashbacks in Shaun Costello's classic roughie Forced Entry. Along with that comes his need to make up enemies and kill them as a way to deal with the pain. So, he uses his job at the local gas station to get girls' addresses. Once he gets their info it's on to the stalking, raping and finally the slashing. He uses the old "We don't take cash here, I need a credit card along with your address for verification" bit... amateur. But leave it to the free love and drugged out hippies who opposed the war to also bring down the murderous Vet. After a couple stalk/rape/slashes, he breaks into the loft of a couple of hot lesbian hippie chicks while they are having a drugged-out carpet munching party but they turn the tables on their would-be assailant. They completely take away his power by not only succumbing to him, but aggressively try to sex him up! What's a delusional rapist to do?

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tinto Brass' MONAMOUR: Boobs, Butts and fake Schlongs

Director: Tinto Brass

Cast: Anna Jimskaia, Riccardo Marino, Max Parodi, Nela Lucic

Cult Epics / NTSC All Region / Unrated / 1.85:1 Widescreen / Italian Language / English Subtitles / 94 minutes

Extras: Bonus film: Kick the Cock / Featurette: The Making of Monamour / Featurette: The Making of Kick the Cock / Comic Strip by Franco Saudelli / Venice Film Festival Premiere w/Tinto Brass / Spanish Dance by Angelita Franco / Original theatrical trailer


Legendary erotic filmmaker Tinto Brass is known for his love of the voluptuous female tush. His films showcase the soft, round gluteus maximus with a hefty helping of bottom-heavy close-ups and gorgeous use of light and shadow to accentuate those qualities. In this late entry into his canon, Brass uses the breathtaking blonde Anna Jimskaia, in her only starring role, as his muse. She breathes and seethes blinding passion on camera and spend the majority of the film in various stages of undress. Her only job on screen is to ooze desperate sexuality and she does it with abandon. She is this movie and in a metaphorical kind of way, she makes love to Tinto Brass as much as the men in front of the camera.
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