Friday, July 22, 2016

Blu-ray Specs: Fulci's MANHATTAN BABY from Blue Underground

Coming September 25th to 3-disk Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD/CD from Blue Underground, Lucio Fulci's MANHATTAN BABY!

Fans of "The Maestro" rejoice! Fulci's gory supernatural shocker MANHATTAN BABY is coming to blu-ray with a new 2k transfer from the original uncensored camera negative and this "baby" is packed with new exclusive extra features just for this release! Check out the details below!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sleazebox Presents: Chris Woods' CHAOS A.D. (Review)

Chris Woods, the man behind Sleazebox home video and the cinematic atrocity Amerikan Holokaust is back to see just how much sexual and violent depravity you can take with his new movie, Chaos A.D. 

Cast: Lisa Marie Kart, Ashley Lynn Caputo, Cayt Feinics, Bob Glazier, Amanda Welch, Saharra Huxly, Eric Danger Dionne, David A. Jackson, Paula Tsurara, Krystal Pixie Adams, Joel D. Wynkoop, Joe Makowski, Gustavo Perez

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The Sleazebox


The plot is a simple one; an abused woman with a deadly secret, a horny politician, and a couple of siblings with an abusive father are all kidnapped or lured into the filthy scummy lair of a group of vicious scumbags bent on torturing and killing them. Led by the malicious Bytch (Feinics) and her girl-toy Vixen (Welch), Lilith (Tsurara), Lester (Glazier) and the giantess Misery (Huxly), this murderous gang cages, rapes, degrades, tortures and kills everything in their path. But when jealously between Bytch and Vixen takes their focus away, their victims begin to escape and fight their way to freedom, possibly becoming the monsters they are running from.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

PSYCHIC KILLER: How the hell did this get a PG rating?

Director: Ray Danton

Cast: Jim Hutton, Julie Adams, Greydon Clark, Aldo Ray, Paul Burke, Neville Brand, Mary Charlotte Wilcox

Vinegar Syndrome / All Region / Unrated / 1.85:1 widescreen / English DTS-HD mono / English SDH Subtitles / 90 minutes

Extras: "The Danton Force" featurette w/ Mitchell & Steve Danton, co-star Julie Adams, and 1st Assistant Director Ronald G. Smith / "The Psychic Killer Inside Me" featurette with Greydon Clark / "The Aura of Horror" featurette with Mardi Rustam / Original theatrical trailer / Multiple TV Spots / Reversible cover artwork



Ray Danton was a radio, film, stage, and television actor, director, and producer from the mid-1950s on through the mid-'70s when he succumbed to kidney failure in 1992. He was a natural leading man with his good looks and suave demeanor but he often played gunslingers or slick criminals. After a career of being in front of the lights, camera and audience, Danton decided to try his hand at directing and like many before and after him, he would start in the horror genre. His first was in 1972 with the little known vampire flick Deathmaster starring "Count Yorga" himself, Robert Quarry. A year later he would direct new footage for Julio Salvador's Hannah, Queen of the Vampires aka Crypt of the Living Dead. Finally in 1975 he made his last and most well known film, Psychic Killer before beginning his career directing television shows like "Quincy" and "Cagney & Lacy" on into the late 1980s.
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