Thursday, March 9, 2017

Hold On To Your Wieners, Here Comes SPACE BABES FROM OUTER SPACE!

Up to this point Scott Schirmer and Brian K. Williams from Bandit Motion Pictures have not made a comedy, per se. But knowing Brian especially, it was only a matter of time and you just knew that when that movie was made, it was going to be a sex comedy with tons of tits and ass. Enter the redundantly (and hilariously) entitled Space Babes from Outer Space!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Barbara Steele is a Sexy Blood Beast in IL LAGO DI SATANA (Review)

Director: Michael Reeves

Cast: Barbara Steele, Ian Ogilvy, John Karlsen

Raro Video / All Region / Unrated / 2.35:1 (1080p) / DTS-HD mono / 79 minutes

Extras: Featurette by Nocturno (a documentary on the making of the Film) / A fully illustrated booklet



Revenge of the Blood Beast stars Barbara Steele as Veronica, a British tourist who is stranded in a remote village with her husband Philip while honeymooning in Transylvania. They meet a descendent of legendary vampire-hunter Count von Helsing, who reveals that the town is haunted by a satanic curse. A mysterious car accident plunges Veronica into a nearby lake, but when her body is removed, it resembles that of the legendary "Witch of the Lake".  

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Shit's About To Get Real: The VIOLENT SHIT Series is Finally Coming to DVD!

A legendary and notorious staple of the underground tape-trading scene of the 1990s, Andreas Schnaas’ VIOLENT SHIT trilogy were landmarks of the early shot-on-video horror boom that would go on to have a profound impact on extreme genre filmmakers the world over. Proving that you could bring new excesses to genre cinema, these films represented a new high in lowbrow entertainment whose impact can still be felt today on Synapse Films’ remastered DVD box set just ripe for rediscovery for a new generation of fans!
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