Groper Train: Search for the Black Pearl (1984, Review)

gropertraindvdaka Chikan densha: Shitagi kensatsu

Director: Yôjirô Takita

Cast: Yukijirô Hotaru, Kaoru Kaze, Naoto Takenaka, Shûji Kataoka, Kazumi Kimura, Serina Miyabi

Pink Eiga / NTSC Region 0 / Unrated / 16×9 Widescreen / Japanese Language with English Subtitles / 64 minutes

NEWSFLASH: I’m a HUGE pervert. No really, most everything makes my pants tighter (you know, because of my boner). Boobs, asses and body types of all shapes or sizes are all welcome. Many kinks like latex, BDSM, rape fantasies, voyeurism and rough sex get the juices flowing. I even understand some of the more extreme sexual proclivities like golden showers, etc. But one kink that has always intrigued me is public groping. It’s not really big in the U.S. but apparently in Japan it’s a pretty well known sexual idea. The thought of being on a crowded train, etc. and just reaching out and fondling a hot young ass, tit or pussy (or all three if it’s a long ride) is incredibly erotic. Creepy? Probably, but come on, this is a fantasy. I’m sure most peoples real, deep-dark fantasies are much worse.

Matsuko’s elderly dying husband has hidden a 2 million dollar black pearl. On his deathbed she asks him where it is and he whispers the phrase “pussy print” to her after boning her for the last time. She finds the print hanging on the wall behind him – an actual ink print of a vagina – but it’s only half of it. She hires Ippei, a private dick, to help her find the pussy (and the girl attached to it) that made the print and to figure out how it will help them find the pearl. To find the girl, Ippei decide to strap on a gas mask, go on the crowded train and pussy print each and every young girl he can until he finds a match. When he finally finds her, he still can’t figure out what the print means, so he hires famous mystery writer Seicho Matsuki to unravel the mystery. Through sexual high-jinks, double-crosses and overall shenanigans, the pearl is finally discovered and it’s closer than everyone thinks.

The more I learn about pink cinema, the more I like. It is a relatively new genre to me and it’s exciting. Pink Eiga, the only company bringing quality pink releases to Region 1 DVD, is my source for some of the most unique and fun movies I have ever seen. This, one of two Groper Train films I have heard of (the other being Groper Train: Wedding Capriccio), is incredibly entertaining. Along with the ubiquitous nudity and sex – of which there is plenty – the premise and actual fleshing out of the guy going on a train with a gas mask to pussy print unsuspecting women is fucking brilliant! My mouth dropped open and I had to pause the movie to laugh. But that is far from the only brilliant thing about this movie. The way they get the pearl off of a guy’s finger in one scene is ridiculously funny. I could go on and on, but let’s just say this movie is very surprising and hilarious.

The DVD release from Pink Eiga is stellar as always. They take lots of time and effort to remaster, subtitle and package these movies to bring you the best possible product. Not to mention that they painstakingly chose which titles to release in the first place. The picture and sound are perfect and the extra features are standard for Pink Eiga releases; trailers, images, cast and crew biographies and filmographies and a featurette called Riding the Groper Train: Mr. Pink Talks about the Groper Train Series which if you are a fan of the series or pink film in general, is very interesting. Thanks to the guys over there at P.E. for keeping the pink coming to the U.S. and Region 1 altogether. I couldn’t get my Asian freak on without them!


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2 thoughts on “Groper Train: Search for the Black Pearl (1984, Review)

  1. Convincing review. Can’t wait for this release. It appears gratuitously and hysterically way over the top! Perfect. And it just goes to show, the Japanese can cross over any genres, as strange as they may be, in film and make it work. Lonely Cow Weeps at Dawn comes to mind.

    By the way, if you have any pull with Pink Eiga – how about convincing them of anamorphic transfers on their future releases.

    Keep up the great work. Love the site!

  2. I have mentioned in a couple of my other Pink Eiga reviews about the non-anamorphic transfer. I don’t know if it costs too much or maybe they don’t have the ability, but to this point, they haven’t changed that. That is really the only complaint I have had about the releases so far.

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