Sexy Battle Girls (1986 Review)

sexybattlegirlsdvd.jpgaka Nerawareta gakuen: seifuku o osou
aka Sukepan deka – Kawaii meiki

Director: Mototsugu Watanabe

Cast: Kyoko Hashimoto, Ayumi Taguchi, Yutaka Ikejima

Pink Eiga / NTSC R1 / Unrated / 16×9 Widescreen / Japanese Language / English Subtitles / 60 Minutes / PURCHASE

The Japanese aren’t afraid of making movies with females doling out pain to some unsuspecting guy who made the mistake of picking up or picking on the wrong girl. Nor do they stay clear of bitches kicking the shit out of each other. Films like Sex & Fury, Terrifying Girls High School – Lynch Law Classroom and even Stacy are classic examples of that. The Japanese, who are notorious for making movies showing females being objectified, abused and raped, somehow manage to also make movies with women and their sexuality lording over men and their easily manipulated little minds.

Case in point… schoolgirl Mirai gets sent to a private all girls school after her father finds out that she tried to have sex for the first time with her sensei. I say “tried” because it didn’t exactly go as planned; it ended with the dude getting his yutz lopped off by her “Venus Crush” which is her specially trained Ninja vagina. Why would she need a specially trained vagina you ask? Her father has given her this training so he can get revenge on the headmaster of the school who stole his woman away from him while she was carrying his child. So now she must carry out her father’s wishes all while not having sex with anyone else.

Her first day of school she is greeted by the school bully and soon she faces her in a schoolyard duel that has panties and dildo balls (you’ll see what I mean when you watch) flying through the air. She also befriends the headmaster’s lesbian daughter (who, by any logical reasoning is probably Mirai’s sister?) who wants to get under her schoolgirl skirt. After she beats the bully, the headmaster makes her to boss of the school and she finds out some very disgusting info about the school: they sell the bad students to politicians for sex and torture. This is the last straw and it is time to exact her family’s revenge before more girls are hurt.

There isn’t much about this movie that is original if you have seen many “pinky violence” flicks but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The reason we watch these fun, sleazy, cute girls kicking ass movies is we want to have fun while cute, sleazy girls kick ass! Who cares that the plot is rehashed? There are naked schoolgirls getting down and dirty before, during and after beating the shit out of someone! These girls weren’t particularly steamy or anything special, but they were plenty hot for the roles they were playing. The scene where Mirai is in a great cat-fight with the school bully stands out as one of the most memorable scenes. Panty shots galore!

Pink Eiga has, to this point in their young existence, put out great movies. Not only the movies themselves, but the quality of disks has been very good. They switch up the content of the releases so they never get stale. The technical aspect is also pretty tight in that the picture is clear, bright and nicely saturated considering the source material of these obscure sources. The only gripe I have (being quite a DVD snob) is that none of the disks so far have been anamorphic. I don’t know how hard it is to do this in the editing room, but I believe that it substantially amps up the quality of the disk. I would also like to see more extras like interviews and such but that’s just me being greedy. This is another great DVD that should be in your collection.


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