The Big Snatch (1971, Review)

bigsnatchdvdaka The Big Catch

Director: Byron Mabe

Cast: Uschi Digard, Peggy Church, Jane Louise

Something Weird Video / NTSC Region 1 DVD-R / Unrated / 4:3 Fullscreen / Mono / Color / PURCHASE

I have loved horror films since I was a kid, but the last few years I have really gotten into exploitation/grindhouse cinema as a whole. That encompasses not only horror but action, comedy and adult films as well. With my inexperience with the more obscure titles, Christina Lindberg has stood out as my favorite exploitation babe with her relative “fame” in the last few years as well as her innocent face and killer body. But I may have to rethink my grindhouse hottie hierarchy. Uschi Digard is a name that has been on my radar but I have never seen a feature with her in a starring role. In case you don’t know, Uschi is a super-busty Swede (via Bismarck, North Dakota) who is best known for her roles in Russ Meyer and Ilsa movies as well as countless other soft and hardcore films. The softcore “roughie”, The Big Snatch, by exploitation veteran director Byron Mabe was my first full-feature film starring the big-titted titan and it was definitely something to behold.

Sadistic pervert Bart traveled around the town in broad daylight kidnapping five beautiful women and bringing them to his compound out in the middle of the desert. He introduces the girls to his giant henchman Momo and tells them that if they try to escape that the land is surrounded by packs of attack dogs. They are to call him “master” – he in turn calls them “pigs” – and they are to obey his every command without question. If they do not, he will have Momo beat them with his hose or worse, make one of the other girls punish them. After subjecting each of the girls to humiliation, sexual abuse and beatings, the captives devise a plan to escape. First they take out Momo, then Bart, and finally let the watch dogs starve to death in a few days and make their getaway. But their bloodlust gets the better of them and they decide to pass the time by literally fucking their kidnapper to death, but not before he gets really chafed. But once he is gone, will they really be free?

The first thing I noticed after pushing “PLAY” on the DVD player was the opening credits that featured cast members like “Barbara Que”, “Harry Chest” and my favorite “Rita Book”. Now I know that some actors used fake names in some of these movies, but holy shit those names are priceless and so obviously not real. That opening set the tone of the rest of the movie. The movie’s potentially disturbing premise is handled so ham-handedly that the material just turns into a fun, playful softcore romp with tons of tits, ass-loads of ass and a mess of steamed clams. Well, really only one steamed clam, but let me explain; in the most notorious scene of the movie “Bernice”, a virgin, is made to sit naked on the cap-less neck of the radiator of Bart’s truck while the heat “steams her tight clam” open. But I couldn’t even take that seriously because of the ridiculousness of the whole thing. Aside from that and a couple of lashings with a hose, there really isn’t much violence other than some pretty tame stuff like making the girls dance and exercise in the nude.

The five slave girls are all very nice looking. Uschi is magnificent to look at with her HUGE mammaries a-swingin’ in the breeze in half of her scenes, and in a tight sweater, short-shorts and knee-high boots in the other half. Her face isn’t as cute as Lindberg’s, but she more than makes up for it with the size of her bOObage and her predator-like sexuality. Even in the role of the “victim”, she was ferociously in charge when she was fucking Bart. Peggy Church (A Touch of Sweden, The Erotic Adventures of Zorro) take up the cute role as the naive virgin who is involved in a lesbian relationship with one of the other girls. She fits the bill nicely as do the other girls who are not afraid to take off their clothes and get a little naughty. I am very happy with my first Uschi feature and with Something Weird Video’s large library, I’m sure I can find lots more fun with Miss Digard’s ample talents.

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