The Inconfessable Orgies of Emmanuelle (1982, Review)

aka Orgías inconfesables de Emmanuelle, Las
aka Emmanuelle Exposed
aka Emmanuelle Forever

Director: Jess Franco

Cast: Muriel Montosse, Ina Balin, Carmen Carrion, Antonio Mayans

Colour / 2.35:1 / 16×9 / 86 mins / Not Rated / Reg 0 (ALL) (NTSC) / Spanish Dolby Digital 2.0 / English Subtitles / Purchase from Severin Films

A drunken night out at the club turns wanton when Emmanuelle joins an exhibitionist stripper on stage for an impromptu lesbian encounter. Her husband feels betrayed and leaves her that night. She goes home with a friend who introduces her to Marqués (who, by the way is a noble Spaniard gentleman and he’s not afraid to tell you about it) who turns out to be the stripper’s boyfriend.

The lesbian encounter along with her new friends opens the floodgates of Emmanuelle’s sexuality and she indulges in the unlimited sexual smörgåsbord in front of her. But she is still in love with her husband and longs to reunited with him. After time, he forgives her and he too wants to be back with Emmanuelle. Will the two lovers live happily ever after or will her escapades create an ever larger rift in their relationship?

In yet another incarnation of the “Emmanuelle” saga, Vicky Adams (aka French TV starlet Muriel Montossé) plays the titular character. She is miles away from Sylvia Kristel and eons from my favorite Laura Gemser in the pure sexual energy the others possess. She isn’t ugly by any means, she just doesn’t have the almost predatory attitude of the others. It doesn’t help that this is probably the weakest entry I have seen.

That’s probably because when Franco was writing the film, it wasn’t an “Emmanuelle” film. The producers and studio forced him to add the name to bank on the popularity of the series at the time. That doesn’t excuse the fact that I also feel that this is one of the weaker Franco films as well. The most important element to a film for me is whether it bores me or not. This movie meandered from one unsexy “sex” scene to the other without any real character development, good story, interesting direction or, well, interesting sex.

The sex scenes were long and drawn out and went nowhere. Most of the time the men didn’t even bother to take off their pants or even pull them down! I can’t remember the last time there was a movie with so much nudity that I was so bored. There is loads of bare breast, hairy va-go-goos, ass close-ups and even a penis or two, but *UGH*, who the fuck cares in this case. This is the first Severin release that I can’t really recommend unless you just really want to fill out your Jess Franco collection.

Note: There are no actual orgies in this movie. Liars!

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4 thoughts on “The Inconfessable Orgies of Emmanuelle (1982, Review)

  1. I had such high hopes for this film. I was really disappointed myself with it. I never thought that lots of nudity and sex wouldn’t help save a movie in my opinion.

  2. It’s really a shame that Severin chose to release this over GEMIDOS DE PLACER, one of the better Franco movies of the 80s-if not the best. The films Franco was making for Golden Films International.. some of them really really need proper issues subtitled here. I hope Severin can get it together. The 1982 “El Siniestro Dr Orloff” is also a must-have. Being a Franco completist, I can only say some of the photography in this Emmanuelle-Franco movie make it worth owning.. for the Franco elite only.

  3. I agree that some of the shots of the cliffs and sea are great but I thought the overall direction and cinematography lacked and I normally like Franco’s style.

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