Torture Me, Kiss Me (1970, Review)

torturemekissmedvdDirektor: David R. Friedberg

Akteure: Blaine Quincy, Christine Cybelle, Wendy Wood, Linda Boyce

Something Weird Video / NTSC Region 1 / Unrated / 4:3 Full Frame / Mono / 75 minutes / PICK IT UP FOR $10!

The “nazisploitation” genre is one of the most beloved in the exploitation community. Along with “nunsploitation” it is some of the most vile, sleazy and often the most fun films any fringe cinema fan could ask for. The most famous of the sub-genre is probably the Ilsa movies, and rightly so. Not only do they feature Dyanne Thorne, one of the most striking women in the world, but they contain some of the most stomach-churning torture and explicit nudity in the canon. But preceding Ilsa by four years is Torture Me, Kiss Me, a black and white film that takes cues from early film makers like Roberto Rossellini, but more directly Love Camp 7 (1969). The mix of war imagery, torture and sexuality is a perverted recipe for some naughty kicks.

German Colonel von Hildebrandt has been put in charge of occupied France in order to weed out and destroy the French underground resistance. Upon arrival, he shows his iron fist by executing a suspected resistance fighter – a cute, teenage, deaf-mute girl – and a priest. With the help of his French Nazi sympathizer friend Henri and secretary/sexkätzchen Ilsa (great name for a future naziploitation classic, no?), he will flush out the resistance and find a suspected leak within his own ranks. But will he complete his mission before Der Führer sends the Gestapo for his ass?

This entry into the sub-genre is a lot of fun. It is a very early, black and white, ultra low-budget, badly made movie. They couldn’t have spent more than a couple thousand dollars on this, if that. But that doesn’t stop them from bringing the sleaze. One of the best (re: most WTF inducing) sequences is a woman walking outside, stripping down and sponging herself down while a pair of eyes watches from the forest. The next time you see her – doing the same thing – the eyes (and the woman they are attached to) come from the woods, strips down and starts making out with her! The whole thing has nothing to do with the rest of the movie… brilliant! Office orgies, rapes, torture and all kinds of other smut round out this 70+ minute film.

There are some slow points in the movie that seem to be just time filler like long scenes of driving, etc. In fact, they are sometimes so long that I fast-forwarded just to get to the next scene. But those lulls are easily overlooked when the next thing that happens is either a large, retarded looking Nazi beast-man (Jan Saint from Frank Henenlotter movie fame) or a really hot naked chick whipping another naked chick. I”m easily distracted by stuff like that. Like a lot of other low-budget flicks, there are lots of unintentional laughs here as well. Horrible dialogue, horrendous acting and ridiculous sets and costumes. One of the funniest is the fact that all of the actors speak English with no German or French accents except for “Henri” – a Frenchman – who is British. HA! This is a great piece of classic exploitation history. Trust me, mein freund!


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